My XMMS Joystick plugin enhancement : support for analogic joysticks (and more)

For now, I've just put my old patch on this page, the new one (which will be a complete plugin, I hope) will be available .... soon.
This patch adds support for analogic joysticks (thus avoiding the "my joystick is becoming mad" syndrom if you already tried the actual plugin with an analog joystick), and allow the use of more than 2 axis (up to 12 in this release .. should be ok for most of you), adds a "new kind" of control : you can hold your joy's button/axe for a small amount of time (user defined !) to repeat the command assigned to this btton/axe, or better than that : you can seek forward/backward in the song when you hold the button/axe and step one song forward/backward when you only push it ! (if someone does understand what I mean, cause my english is not that good ....). And last but not least : for those who own a flightstick with a throttle, you can assign this throttle to control the volume of the sound !! (this was one of my favorite improvement when I began coding this patch ...)
One problem : this patch is quite old now (it was made for xmms 1.2.5), but I'm working on a new version for the latest XMMS ... (but as the joystick plugin evolution in the CVS tree isn't that fast, it shouldn't be too long to do).

OK, so here is the patch ("diff -ur" format"): xmms-joy.patch.gz
I forgot : it's released under the GPL, naturally...

Hu, and if you don't know XMMS, try it now !