Quake2 tutorials on modifying the engine

These tutorials are made for those who want to play with the possibilities of the Quake2 engine, since John Carmack released it's sources. You can get themfrom the Id Software FTP (the direct linkto the Q2 3.21 release is here).
I do most of my work with GNU/Linux, so if you like this sytem, you can get an enhanced version of the Quake2 release on this website [www.icculus.org].
I use the GNU diff/patch system for releasing my changes, so if you're a Windowsuser, it's a bit more difficult than on linux I think... The only archive I found with these tools precompiled is here.

For now, here is the list of the tuts I made:

Static sized HUD
To write them, I made a little convention :
The original code that isn't modified is in blue.
The code that is removed is in red.
The code that I added is in green.
That's all.

Hope you'll enjoy them.